Dog Training Collar


thWHHHS3PATraining Collar

Do you have a dog at home needing some training? Whether is be it jumps on everyone, chews on things in the house or doesn’t come to you when you call? I have the perfect solution for that if properly used! This is a dog collar that only works when you want it to using the remote that comes with it, it has an alarm setting, vibrate setting and a shock setting with levels 1-100. This will take you directly to the link where it can be ordered. ===>Training Collar<=== At home we have a lovely pitbull that loves on people so much she tends to jump and claw everyone. It didn’t matter how often we got her in trouble and told her no she kept doing it to adults and kids. It got to the point we had to just put her in the other room anytime people came over. Also where we live we currently have no fenced in yard and if our dog was not on her dog run she would not stay in the yard nor would she listen when we called her back to the house. Now because of this collar not only can our dog be in the house when people come over because she no longer jumps she is allowed to be outside off of her leash with us at all times! We keep the collar on her at all times but rarely have to use it because of how well she does now with listening. If she decides to wander off and not listen it only takes on push of the button and problem solved. I would Highly recommend this collar it is very effective when PROPERLY used.


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