Building my life as a young mom. 

  1. I am here to say don’t give up. I was 19 when I gave birth to our son, I just finished highschool and hadn’t started college. Being fortunate we had tons of support from our families. You always run into those people that will tell you you’re too young, that you haven’t even gone to college, what are you going to do now? I knew I wasn’t going to let having a kid stop me from succeeding in life in fact every time I looked at our son it pushed me more to want to give him what he deserves in life. 

 My boyfriend son and I move to a different town after I decided what I wanted to go to college for.I attended a beauty school full time while my boyfriend was working a fulltime job also. My goal was to get all my hours and get out of there as soon as I could, it took me 15 months I never dropped below 105% at school and was 2 months ahead of everyone in my class. The last 6 months of going to school was a little more stressful, we had to move back to our hometown which was an hour and a half away  it was during winter and my class started at 8:30 in the morning ending at 5. We moved back to our hometown because we had family that was able to watch our son. as soon as I finish college I had a job lined up to start in our hometown. I started there I had my own room, painted it the color I wanted it to be and began advertising. Now let me just put it out there, I live in a very small town population of maybe 2000 people and there are a few other salons in this town. I would run into some people that were surprised and impressed that I continued to further my education after having a kid. At this point in my life it was going to work then going straight home to our son, being a young mom does not mean your life is over, it just means you’re no longer the kid. People make their own choices whether they’re just going to give up and not going to continue pushing themselves for a better future for them and their kids. I know I chose the route of pushing myself I knew I wasn’t going to give up I had goals I had support and I have to drive to keep going and anytime I started feeling down all it took was me to look at my son to remind myself what he deserved. my weekends were not about going out every weekend, I kept my friends but I spend more time at home with my family then I do out with my friends. We don’t pawn our son off every weekend so we can go get drunk and be “free” we choose to have family nights with our son, watching movies, eating popcorn, playing games, going for walks. Giving a kid what they need most a family. Things are harder when you have a kid, just running to the store real quick turns into chasing your kid around fighting them to put shoes on, packing them in the car packing them out of the car.Going to hang out with your friends isn’t just you anymore it’s you and your kid, it’s no longer just sitting on the couch and not having to move for hours kicking back and conversating.  You now have to expect possibly getting up every 5 minutes to stop your kid from touching something or helping your kid or playing with your kid all while you’re trying to visit with your friends.  It’s no longer all about you.  Instead of just worrying about yourself needing a shower getting your teeth brushed getting ready for bed you have to do that for two people now.  When you use to give yourself 30 minutes to get things done you now got to give yourself an hour to get things done.  now I’m not saying all this in a negative way.  This is the reality of having a kid  and it’s the way things are done in our home  and I’m completely happy with it. 

  For all of you young parents out there its okay,  you’re not the only ones there’s a lot of us.   But there’s too many that aren’t willing to be a parent figure,  Leaving their kids home all the time, Pawning them off to go party every weekend, going and getting into trouble not spending the quality time with your kid. Not changing  their lives around because in their heads they’re still young and want to live life.  you can still do things for yourself and have a good time but when  you have a kid  it’s about whether what you’re doing is going to affect your kid whether it be you going out and getting in trouble with the law or your kid growing up not knowing what family time is because they never got the quality time they need.  A kid needs to feel at home and happy at their home not feel tossed around.  From the time your child is born you are helping create mentally and physically  who your child will become so why not give it your all. I know that’s my goal.  I’m now only 23 I have a four year old son, a one month old daughter, I am with my lovely boyfriend and co a owner business with a friend. This was all accomplish even though I am a young mom.  Never give up, tell yourself you can and your half way there. 

In another blog I will be writing  the success story of building our business.


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